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The demand for rhinoplasty has been on the rise in recent years, but surprisingly not all are for aesthetic reasons. Rhinoplasty, aka “Nosejob”, is not only for those seeking to enhance the appearance of the nose but for those who have functional issues as well. The nose, comprised of cartilage, bone and skin, is the most intricate anatomic structure on the human face. All three influence the appearance and function of the nose. Therefore, it’s especially important to find an experienced surgeon who has a comprehensive understanding of nasal anatomy and its support structures in order to obtain the most satisfying outcomes possible.

There are three main reasons to consider undergoing Rhinoplasty:

Improve the Appearance of the Nose

Many men and women are unhappy with the appearance of their nose and even the slightest unappealing characteristic may affect the overall look of the face. These characteristics include an overly large nose, uneven or wide nostrils and the nasal hump. The nose should never distract or take away from the natural allure of the face. As a general rule of thumb, the eyes should be noticed first, followed by the lips, and then the nose last. During rhinoplasty, the most minor adjustments will enhance your natural allure and restore balance to your face.

Enhance Breathing for Overall Health

Not all noses are created equal in terms of functionality, and because the nose is the opening pathway to our lungs, the shape of the inside of the nose largely affects the amount of oxygen our lungs and body receive. Those who have a deviated or crooked septum (the inside cartilage of the nose) may have difficulty breathing from the nose which can affect the quality of life and general health. People who have this issue may be candidates for a septoplasty, which is a procedure to correct a deviated septum and restore functional breathing.

Repair Nasal Trauma

Accidents happen and frequently they occur to one of the most delicate areas of the body, the nose. Nasal trauma, which usually occurs during physical activity such as sports, is an issue that should be attended to immediately. It is crucial to address a fractured nose before healing is underway in order to address the matter before scar tissue forms. A nasal fracture maybe repositioned within the first few days. However, if the bones begin to fuse, a rhinoplasty may be the only way to address any cosmetic or functional concerns. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can determine if it is necessary to repair the nose depending on the underlying structures affected.

Dr. David Shamouelian at Allure Aesthetic Surgery is a superb Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. Whether your nasal concerns are aesthetic, functional or due to trauma, his extensive knowledge, experience and expertise will get you looking and feeling great.

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