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    Over 80 million American men and women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair.

    However, with NeoGraft hair restoration, you can address hair loss and return to a life of self-confidence with full, thick hair.

    NeoGraft offers a minimally invasive hair transplant technique. The procedure is completed with no visible scar, and does not require stitches or staples. There is little to no pain involved with the procedure, and a short recovery time, with most individuals resuming their normal activity after a few short days. The ultimate hair line appears natural and with no visible scars from the procedure. NeoGraft hair restoration is an excellent solution for individuals concerned with baldness or thinning hair. It is pain free, has a quick recovery time, and results in natural, thick, full hair.

    Your Hair & Its Health

    Normal hair grows approximately two to six years, and then is shed. Once the hair falls out, a new hair will grow in its place. At any one time, an average of 85% of your hair is in the growing phase, while about 15% are dormant. Most individuals experience hair loss and thinning of their hair as they age, but some individuals experience hair loss earlier in life. The most common cause of hair loss is the hair follicle’s genetic sensitivity to DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone. When sensitive hair follicles are exposed to DHT it triggers them to shrink, resulting in shorter and thinner hair. Ultimately, this thinning of the hair leads to balding, as the hair follicle completely fails to regrow hair. This hair loss results in a patterned baldness in both men and women.

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    What is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

    NeoGraft hair restoration offers a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure for men and women suffering from hair loss and/or thinning hair. The NeoGraft technique restores the hairline by utilizing the follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. Follicles are naturally found in a grouping of one to four hairs in what is known as a follicular unit. This method allows the gentle removal of follicular units from a selected area on the back of the head, without leaving a trace. Each follicular unit is then meticulously placed to complement the natural hairline, and add volume and thickness. Once the newly transplanted hair begin to grow, it can be colored, cut, and styled to each individual’s liking.


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