Upper Eyelid Lift (Upper Blepharoplasty)in Beverly Hills


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    Upper and lower eyelids become droopy or baggy as skin loses its elasticity due to aging process.

    Your eyebrows may also sag or droop, which can make you look tired or unhappy. The eyelid skin stretches, muscles weaken and fat pockets develop and become more prominent as they bulge. This may be also a hereditary condition that runs in your family. Men and women have undergone eyelid lift surgery, also called blepharoplasty, to improve the appearance of the eyelids and create a more energetic and youthful look by lifting the upper or the lower eyelids.

    Dr. David Shamouelian, a Double Board Certified head and neck surgeon at Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills, performs eyelid lift surgery. Learn more about the Blepharoplasty Basics.

    Right Candidate for Eyelid Surgery

    An ideal candidate for eyelid surgery should:

    • Be in good overall health
    • Have no occurring eye disease

    Benefits of Upper Eyelid Lift

    • It will improve the overall appearance of your eyes
    • It can help prevent vision problems
    • Eyelid surgery scars will not be visible
    • It will eliminate the droopiness and heaviness of the upper eyelids
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    About the Procedure

    Eyelid surgery can be done on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Dr. Shamouelian will determine how much skin, fat, or muscle will be removed in order to match your facial features. During the actual eyelid lift surgery, incisions are made along the natural lines of the skin or inside the surface of the eyelid to preserve or enhance cosmetic appearance and avoid visible scarring. The technique that will be used will vary depending on the best surgical approach for your condition. Sutures or adhesives will then be applied in order to smooth away the areas around the eyelids. Recovery time may last anywhere between two to three weeks.


    The cost of eyelid surgery varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. The overall cost of your eyelid surgery will be estimated during your initial consultation with Dr. Shamouelian. You may also ask about possible payment plans and financial options during your visit.

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