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Dr. David Shamouelian is a highly skilled Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.
He is dedicated to providing the safest and most advanced techniques in enhancing and restoring your natural Allure.

His philosophy of empowerment with patient education, personalized treatment plans, and precise technique facilitates the highest outcomes possible.
He has dedicated himself to the art of enhancing the natural aesthetic of the face. His practice focuses on surgical and non-surgical interventions to promote the most radiant and youthful image.

Academic Credentials

Assistant Clinical Professor

in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at at the University of California, Irvine.

Director of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

at the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, CA

Fellow American Academy of Facial & Reconstrctive Surgery

at the Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital in New York, New York

Award-Winning Chief Resident in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery

at the University of California, Irvine

Medical Doctorate from the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California

, Los Angeles with Alpha Omega Alpha Honors

Bachelor of Science from the University of California

, Los Angeles with Summa Cum Laude Honors

Delivering High-Quality
CarePlastic Surgeon

Achieving Unparalleled Patient Satisfaction

In all aspects of his practice, Dr. Shamouelian strives to deliver the highest quality of care and achieve unparalleled patient satisfaction. As a native of West Los Angeles, Dr. Shamouelian is thrilled to be practicing in the community he knows and loves. He resides right here in Beverly Hills with his wife and son. When Dr. Shamouelian is not helping patients look and feel their best, he enjoys international travel and photography.

I couldn’t recommend him higher. His staff is friendly, he is extremely personable and cares about his patients. He’s got a great sense of humor that makes you relaxed about your whole situation. Go. To. Him.
Savira Putri
Savira Putri
16:26 07 Dec 19
I have been seeing Dr SHamoukian,since I fell and had lots of pain in my jaw from TM J. He was so patient and understanding.He even came in to treat me on A Sunday. I am so grateful to him.and his great staff. I am now pain free.
dovi schoen
dovi schoen
01:30 04 Dec 19
I had never gotten filler before, and am absolutely petrified of needles. I've spent about a year and a half doing thorough research on doctors and places to get my lips dome. I went to about 3 different consultations and chickened out of all of them, before a friend recommended me to Dr. Shamouelian. I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr. Shamouelian was extremely accommodating to all of my needs, as well as patient with me since I went into it very scared. Everyone at the office is so kind and made me feel extremely comfortable. The experience was better than I could've asked for. As for the filler, my lips look INCREDIBLE. He really does have such an amazing eye for these things, the shape and definition of my lips is perfect, and he made one syringe go a long way. It looks extremely natural, and he gave me my dream lips. Could not recommend this place enough.
aurum k
aurum k
17:57 19 Nov 19
Dr. Shamouelian is simply wonderful! Professional, kind, knowledgable and patient.
Miryam Cohen
Miryam Cohen
16:00 08 Nov 19
As a mother, your worry for your child is endless! But after the meeting with Dr. Shamouelian, he was able to put my mind at ease and I knew my son was in good hands! He is very professional and went over the procedure with me so I knew exactly what to expect in the beginning and after the surgery. My son is recovering from the procedure very nicely and we thank you Dr. Shamouelian for the care he shows not only to his patients, but to their families as well.  Great Doctors are hard to find, but we have been very fortunate to have this Great Doctor by our side!!
Miriam Rocha
Miriam Rocha
20:29 17 Oct 19
Dr. Shamouelian performed a successful scar revision where an unpleasant tracheostomy scar used to be. The Dr. and his entire team were warm and patient. They answered any and all questions, given I was a bit of a nervous wreck. They did more than enough to assure me that Dr. Shamouelian would only provide his very best, and he did! I am extremely satisfied with his work. You can tell that he invests time and effort in the comfort and care of his patients. I am one happy customer; I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon!
Julio Rocha
Julio Rocha
17:08 16 Oct 19
Dr. Shamouelian performed a successful septoplasty to correct a deviated septum that was impacting my sleep and effecting my quality of life. I had put off the surgery for a long period of time because I could not find a doctor that I felt entirely comfortable entrusting the procedure to. It's a big decision! Dr. S was very clear in his initial assessment and made me feel at ease from the first. Though he specializes in cosmetic procedures, he is clearly a skilled surgeon in every sense and I very happy that I went with him. Three months on from my surgery, my sleep has improved dramatically and even though this was not a cosmetic procedure, my nose has never looked better. One further note: Throughout the entire process, Dr. S and his staff were incredibly good at staying in communication - to answer questions, allay concerns, etc. This was not something I was expecting but it was incredibly welcome and was a big part of the recovery process. It demonstrates a level of dedication to patients which I feel is uncommon among doctors at his level.
John McAvoy
John McAvoy
18:18 15 Oct 19
After surviving life threatening melanoma and a cancerous tumor I was left with a huge scar and dent atop my head along with 45 extra pounds that I gained from lack of activity during the 4 years of procedures and treatment. Upon my recovery I was energized and began a new diet and exercise routine which helped me lose 45 pounds in less than a year. While I felt amazing I hated the way my face looked in pictures because I had lost fat in the tear trough and mid cheek groove areas which caused a shadow from the indent that once held fat. Dr. Shamouelian was extremely helpful and supportive and suggested fat transfer for those areas on my face to help alleviate the look of facial wasting and restore my confidence. Based on further conversations we decided that temporary fillers would be a better option for the short term because I had goals to become even more physically fit which would include additional fat loss (while gaining muscle through strength training and exercise). I appreciated his understanding my longer term goals and helping ensure the best possible results...bottom line, I felt like he really listened and cared about my personal health and appearance. I am extremely pleased with the results and have since undergone NeoGraft Hair restoration and PRP with him to help fill in my hair line and hide the deep scar that the tumor left atop my head. I will continue to be a patient and highly recommend him without reservation.
Optimus Abazaez
Optimus Abazaez
02:19 13 Aug 19

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