Facial Trauma
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Facial Trauma

There are numerous causes of facial trauma, also referred to as maxillofacial trauma, such as vehicular accidents, work-related injuries sports injuries and violent attacks. Breathing swallowing and speech can be seriously impaired, depending on the location of the facial injury.

Facial trauma requires extensive surgical repair and only a highly-trained face plastic surgeon with excellent surgical skills and cosmetic experience can produce successful and attractive results. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills is home to Dr. David Shamouelian, a highly-experienced face plastic surgeon and board-certified head and neck surgeon, who specializes in surgical reconstruction of facial features and functionality using the latest advances in reconstructive surgery.

Facial Trauma Treatment

With facial trauma, time is of the essence. Prompt treatment right after facial injury increases the chance of successful outcome. The course of treatment for facial reconstruction depends on the type and extent of the facial injury. With facial bones are fractured, they are held firmly in place using plates, wire and screws. Soft tissue damages are treated immediately with with stitches.

At Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills, we utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tools and surgical techniques in treating facial trauma. We also use high-resolution imaging to enhance pre-operative injury analysis, as well as microscopic tools for microvascular and reconstructive surgery. Facial trauma treatment often requires re-alignment of the bones for proper healing, as well as scar revision to minimize facial scarring due to injuries.


Types of Facial Trauma

Injuries to the maxillofacial region are generally classified below for trauma assessment:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries– Soft tissue trauma includes lacerations to the skin and any kind of intraoral or gum damage
  • Knocked-Out Teeth– Injuries to the teeth are very common and must be treated immediately to ensure successful outcome with re-implantation.
  • Bony Injuries– This covers the entire fractured facial bones including the cheekbones, jaw bones, eye sockets, palates and nose.
  • Special Regions– This refers to the nerves in the face, the eyes, and the salivary glands.

Key Benefits

Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons for repairing facial injuries:

  • Restoring facial function through microsurgical repair and nerve grafting
  • If done immediately, prevents atrophy, formation scars/fibrosis
  • Restores and enhances facial balance and harmony
  • Prevents corneal damage or vision problems
  • Restores quality of life

Right Candidate for Facial Trauma Treatment

Most patients who suffer from facial trauma needs treatment. It is important to explore surgical options right after the injury for optimal results. If the face injury is allowed time to heal completely before considering surgical procedure, reversing the condition may be more challenging.


The cost of facial trauma treatment depends on the complexity of the procedure. This will be estimated during your initial consultation with Dr. Shamouelian. You may also ask about possible payment plans and financial options during your visit.
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