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Botox Face Slimming: Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

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Faces come in different shapes and sizes ranging from heart-shaped to square-shaped and everything in between. The muscle and bone anatomy is largely responsible for the size and shapes of our faces, and the masseter muscles, which are responsible for chewing and clenching, may have a significant affect on the width of the face. The masseter muscle can become overly pronounced with excessive grinding and clenching of the jaw. As a result, these muscles become enlarged and may create a more muscular, square-shaped jawline.

Masseter Reduction and Treatment

Many individuals who chronically clench and grind the teeth during their sleep are unaware that they are suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Pain and discomfort in the jaw and enlarged masseter muscles are the most common symptoms. Previously, these TMJ dysfunctions have been treated with splints and special exercises, however, there is an alternative treatment which can relieve symptoms as well as address the boxy-jawline associated with enlarged masseter muscles.

Botox Can Help

Masseter reduction treatment with botulism toxins (Botox) has become very popular because it is a safe, simple and effective way to slim the jawline for a more feminine and elegant appearance. Whether you naturally have a square-shaped jaw or suffer from TMJ dysfunction, masseter reduction is easily achievable through injecting the masseters with about 20-25 units of Botox per side. Botox is famous for erasing wrinkles through muscle relaxation, and with Botox the masseter muscle tends to weaken and soften the jawline. However, there is no adverse effect on chewing function if administered appropriately by a trained professional.

What to Expect

Although Botox takes 2 weeks to take full effect, given the size and strength of the masseter muscles, the slimmer jawline will be noticeable from week four to week eight. Over time, the muscles essentially atrophy and shrink, leaving them smaller in appearance. For best results, follow up treatments should be performed at about five to six months. As the masseters atrophy, less botulism toxin is needed and fewer treatments per year are required to maintain results.

Ideal Candidates

You may be an ideal candidate for Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction with Botox if:

  • Your jaw is square-shaped and disproportionate with your other facial features
  • Your masseter muscles feel hard and enlarged to the touch while clenching
  • You would like a more oval or heart-shaped face and elegant jawline
  • Your jawline is too masculine

If you are interested in learning more about Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction, consult with a qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon to see if you are a candidate for this safe, simple and easy treatment.

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