Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC – Mid dermal filler

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC injectable gel is comprised of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in the skin and joints. This smooth gel is synthetic version of Hyaluronic acid that contains a small amount of local anesthetic, something called lidocaine, which increases the comfort of filler injections. The role of Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding agreement that keeps the skin plump, hydrated and young-looking while stimulating collagen production. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is often used to smooth wrinkles and folds in the mid-face area, such a laugh lines and marionette lines.

What does it do?

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC temporarily restores volume and fills facial wrinkles and folds leading to a smoother appearance of the face. Most patients notice a reduction in wrinkles in only 1 treatment. Depending on the area treated, your skin, and the injection technique the injections will last approximately 9 months.