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    Port wine stain is a form of capillary malformation that appears at birth.

    It is caused by irregular blood vessel development in the skin, resulting in reddish or purplish-looking skin discoloration. Port wine stains often occur on the face, neck, shoulder, arms and chest. Dr. David Shamouelian offers cutting-edge laser treatment for port wine and birthmark removal. His expertise in port wine treatment makes him a sought-after surgeon for vascular birthmark treatments.

    Treatment Benefits

    • Stops the skin discoloration from spreading
    • It improves skin appearance
    • Improves self-confidence
    • Results are permanent
    • No downtime

    Port Wine Stain Removal

    For most patients, multiple laser treatment sessions are required to effectively reduce the appearance of port wine stains. Children who undergo this procedure are usually put under general anesthesia and adults are typically put under local anesthesia. Dr. Shamouelian recommends seeking treatment for port wine stains as early as possible for optimal results. Children are known to respond more quickly to treatments. One of the most common laser treatment options is the pulsed dye laser. During this treatment, hemoglobin in the blemished area is absorbed by the laser in order to improve the skin tone. The number of treatment sessions needed is determined by the severity of the patient’s port wine stain condition.

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    What to Expect After the Procedure

    Port wine stain treatment is an outpatient procedure. Patients go home immediately after each session. Most patients experience bruising and redness following each treatment session. This is completely normal and normally lasts anywhere between one or two weeks. Patients may also experience blistering or skin crusting, which could be treated by applying petroleum jelly or other topical medications. Laser treatment for port wine stain is proven to be very effective. After completing the series of treatments, skin appearance should improve by about 75 to 100 percent.



    The cost of port wine stain treatment depends on multiple factors. The number of treatment sessions required to treat each patient’s unique conditions is the main factor that affects the overall cost. Recurring stain will also require follow up procedures which adds to the treatment cost. Detailed cost estimate will be discussed during your initial consultation at Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills. Feel free to ask about possible financial options and payment plans. For more information about port wine stain treatment, contact Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills at (888) 265-2335. or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation.

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