Port Wine Stain Treatment

Port wine stain is a form of capillary malformation that appears at birth. It is caused by irregular blood vessel development in the skin, resulting in reddish or purplish-looking skin discoloration. Port wine stains often occur on the face, neck, shoulder, arms and chest. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills, Dr. David Shamouelian, offers cutting-edge laser treatment for port wine and birthmark removal. His expertise in port wine treatment makes him a sought-after surgeon for vascular birthmark treatments.

Port Wine Stain Removal

For most patients, multiple laser treatment sessions are required to effectively reduce the appearance of port wine stains. Children who undergo this procedure are usually put under general anesthesia and adults are typically put under local anesthesia. Dr. Shamouelian recommends seeking treatment for port wine stains as early as possible for optimal results. Children’s skins are known to respond more quickly to treatments. One of the most common laser treatment options is the pulsed dye laser. During this treatment, hemoglobin in the blemished area is absorbed by the laser in order to improve the skin tone. The number of treatment sessions needed is determined by the severity of the patient’s port wine stain condition.