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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Kybella Treatment and Recovery

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It’s astonishing to see the medical advancements that have taken place within the past few years. These advancements change all aspects of medicine including aesthetic procedures. Kybella treatment is an outstanding cosmetic medical advancement in the struggle against submental fat aka “double chin”. It was introduced in 2015 and has shown to be a safe and effective way to permanently eradicate the undesirable and stubborn double chins of thousands of men and women. Before undergoing any kind of treatment, including Kybella, it is always a good idea to consider the general treatment information as well as what to expect during recovery.

What is Kybella?

Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that is naturally found in the body. This molecule aids the breakdown and absorption of fat. Once Kybella is injected, the deoxycholic acid eradicates the treated fat cells so that they are no longer able to accumulate fat in the future. Most individuals see ideal results after 2-3 treatments of Kybella depending on the amount of submental fat and aesthetic goals of the individual.

Kybella Treatment

The Kybella process is quick and easy consisting of just a couple of steps. The chin is first anesthetised with topical numbing cream to decrease discomfort during the injections. It is then disinfected with a surgical grade cleansing solution to minimize any risks of infection. A flash tattoo-like grid is applied to the under chin area to mark the treatment zone and to ensure injection point accuracy. Lastly, the Kybella injections are administered to the desired area of treatment. Ice is applied post-treatment to help swelling and discomfort.

Recovery and Outcome

It is not uncommon for those who undergo Kybella to have some mild side effects. Immediately after the injections, a slight, temporary burning sensation will be felt in the injection area due to the deoxycholic acid destroying the fat cells. As a result, swelling and redness will occur. This reaction is an indication that the Kybella is taking effect!

For the next 5-7 days, you also may also notice:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Numbness
  • Redness
  • Firmness in the treatment area

The most common side effects are swelling, redness, tenderness and firmness. After a couple days, however, the firmness in the treated area will soften into a softer, watery swelling. From this point, the body starts to absorb the fluids, and the mild swelling will dissipate gradually.

It is important to note that the main side effect of Kybella is swelling in the treatment area, and noticeable swelling may last up to 1-2 weeks depending on the intensity of the treatment. By 4-6 weeks, all swelling should have dissipated and you will have seen the final result. At this point, an assessment for a potential subsequent treatment can be made.

Lastly, always plan ahead when considering Kybella treatment. Although Kybella is extremely effective at eliminating the double chin, the recovery process should be taken into consideration when planning or going to important events or occasions post-treatment.

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