Dr. Shamouelian did such an incredible job on my nose that I had to write a review! My nose was always a feature that I've been very self-conscious about, until now. I choose Dr. Shamouelian to do my nose because he is extremely professional and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the whole rhinoplasty process. Before the procedure, I told him that my primary concern was that my new nose would look completely natural. I did not want to change my face but rather alter it slightly. After the surgery, I was so pleased to see that Dr. Shamouelian did EXACTLY what I wanted and I am thrilled with the results. The recovery time after the surgery was extremely short and I felt back to normal after three days. I barely felt any pain and my nose healed at an astonishing rate with minimal bruising! I felt and looked completely normal after one week; during this week, Dr. Shamouelian made sure to personally check in with me to make sure everything was going well.I am so happy that I choose him to be my doctor and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a nose job!
–Maddie K. for Rhinoplasty
I'm an African American who was left with unsightly scars with permanent pigmentation issues from C02 lasers 8 years ago. Since then I have tried everything to fix the scars, from further laser treatments (made worse) and years of micro-needling and chemical peels. Nothing worked, I gave up hope, and accepted the fact I would spend the rest of my life with unsightly facial scars. I tried not to let it bug me but its one of those things that whether I'd like to admit it or not, significantly impacted my self-esteem and willingness to enter into romantic relationships or go out to bars/parties. Anyways, long story short, I stumbled upon Scar excisions as solution to my woes. Than shopped around for the best plastic surgeons I could find to help me, and to my shock I was bombarded by surgeons with recommendations to instead do more laser treatments to fix the issue instead of scar excisions. Mind you lasers where what I did for years, earlier which put me into the problem and only made things worse. Attention, if you are an African American, avoid lasers and the plastic surgeons that tell you to go down that route! Lasers and African American skin doesn't mesh! Thankfully I ran into Dr. Shamouelian, he empathized with my situation. Actually listened to what I had to say, unlike the other surgeons who were blindly recommending more lasers (like their lasers are special and the earlier years of laser treatments by multiple Dr.'s in the past wasn't an important detail to understand continuing down that route on African American skin isn't the answer). So there are about 5 large circular unbelievably ugly laser caused scars in total. The Dr. came up with a game plan to revise the scars. We are in the early stages of his game plan, and I have had two of the five scars revised so far, and THE RESULTS ARE UNBELIEVABLY BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVEN DREAMED OF. I don't know if he has magical hands or its magical sutures (probably how well he does suture work contributed as well)., but the revised scar lines are very unnoticeable and fine. This guy is amazing and I can't wait for us to finish removing all the remaining scars! If you have any scar revision work you want done Dr. Shamouelian is the only person you should consider for the job.
-Allison O. for Scar Revision
Being old is not the end of the road`` was the first thought I had after I met Dr. Shamouelian and his assistant Emily Wind. This wonderful team guided me through the procedure of removal of excess lower eye lids and thanks to the result of the successful surgery I was able to regain self confidence. I highly recommend ALLURE to everyone.
-Milan K. for Lower Blepharoplasty
This was a wonderful first time experience. I had Botox and filler in my lips. Dr S. made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. He did a great job and I highly recommend him. The staff was very helpful and patient too. I can't wait to go back I finally found my place for all my facial appearance needs! Thank you
– Natasha for Botox and Juvederm
I've circulated for several Plastic Surgeons in the course of my 20+ years as a Registered Nurse and chose Dr. Shamouelian for my facial plastic surgery because he is a meticulous artist who truly cares about his patients. He was open and honest during my consultation, never trying to sell me anything I didn't need, never withheld any information that might have dissuaded my decision to move forward with surgery i.e. there would be pain and bruising. There was but Dr. S. was with me every step of the way, checking in to be sure my discomfort was kept to a minimum. He even provided his cell phone number which I didn't need because everything went perfectly. I'm absolutely thrilled with the result. How much is taking 20 years off your face worth to you? If you're thinking of plastic surgery, have a chat with Dr. Shamouelian. He's truly a highly skilled surgeon; his gift can be your blessing.
– Francine P. for Facelift and Necklift
Dr. David Shamouelian at Allure Aesthetic Surgery Beverly Hills hosted a Botox party for a group of friend. The office was Beautiful and really clean. We were greeted with Mimosas and pasties by Dr. Shamouelian, Jennifer and Emily who work with him.Dr. Shamouelian addressed each one of our individual questions, curiosities and concerns. He is extremely professional and was honest.I went in wanting to get more information on Kybella (injections under the chin that dissolve the fat and help get rid of our double chin.) I was explained in detail and patience what Kybella is, what it does , how it works and what type of feeling and discomfort I expect.After talking with Dr. Shamouelian I decided this was something I wanted to do. The procedure started with my chin area being cleaned, then Lidocaine was applied for 20 minutes, then it was cleaned off with alcohol and Ice was applied for 10 minutes. After that I was ready to get my first set of injection.He walked me through the process letting me know when he was about to start, and continue to ask how I was doing.I only felt a little tiny pinch as he inserted the needle. After he was all done I just felt my chin and throat area sore. On a pain scale from 0 to 10 I was at a 3.I am super excited to see results, and I can't wait to have additional procedures with Dr. Shamouelian.Thank you ALLUREBH
– Jocelyn V. for Kybella
As long as I can remember I’ve always been self-conscious about my nose. Something so simple such as wearing my hair up would make me feel insecure. After years of considering rhinoplasty, I decided to just go on with the procedure. I booked my appointment, gave my deposit and was all ready to go. I mentioned the procedure I was scheduled to get done to a close friend of mine and in our conversation she mentioned Dr. Shamouelian. My friend who works at UCI with many talented and experienced doctors spoke very highly of him. For this reason, although I already had a date set for my surgery with a different surgeon, I decided to go for a consultation with him. After some serious consideration, I decided to go with Dr. Shamouelian. Yes, this meant I would be losing my deposit from the other location, but that wasn’t important to me. I went with the person I felt the most comfortable with. I also work with many talented and well-respected doctors at USC and all who I mentioned I was getting this procedure done advised me to go with someone who specialized in facial plastic surgery such as an ENT. Mostly because a rhinoplasty procedure can be complex, a general plastic surgeon may not be the best option. I thought to myself… This is my face, who knows the challenges the surgeon will face while I’m on the surgery table. After several conversations with Dr. Shamouelian, I felt he was the most suitable person to do my procedure and I couldn’t be happier. I made the right decision. I love my new natural looking nose!! I had a hump reduction, osteotomies, and a tip refinement procedure. The recovery process was not bad at all. I was really in no pain and having to breathe through my mouth was not bad at all. The day of the surgery I woke up feeling fine. I didn’t even feel sick or anything. The night of my surgery I had dinner with my family at the dinner table. I almost felt like I didn’t even have surgery that’s how fine I was feeling. The days after I just followed the doctor’s post-surgery instructions and I was fine. I had minor bruising and swollenness, you couldn’t even tell much. I am a month out since I had my surgery and I feel great. I am healing amazingly and it’s all thanks to Dr. Shamouelian and his team. They’ve taken such good care of me. They have been so attentive to my needs and always made sure I was well informed with what I needed to do before and after surgery.
– Maribel M. for Rhinoplasty
I recently did my nose job with Dr. Shamouelian, and I am beyond happy with my results. Painless and the healing process was very quick. I have been wanting to get my nose done for years and years, I am blessed to have come across Dr. David Shamouelian. My self-esteem is higher than has ever been, my nose has been one of my biggest insecurities. Not anymore!!! I feel happy about myself and I am happier than ever! Thank you so much Dr. Shamouelian!!! God bless your job and your work!!
– Juana L. for Rhinoplasty
Thank you to Emily and Dr. Shamouelian for great service, a ton of knowledge, and making my time in the office so friendly and enjoyable! You guys are the BEST!
– Brian T. for Kybella