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Vectra 3-D Imaging

3-D simulations are most commonly used to depict nose reshaping, and chin sculpting. It can be difficult to accurately picture the results of your procedure simply by looking at before and after photos of previous patients even if they appear to have a similar anatomy to yours. Dr. Shamouelian by using VECTRA 3-D Imaging provides the option for patients to feel more confident about their procedure and helps them visualize what they may look like after surgery.

How it Works

The VECTRA 3-D machine rapidly captures high-resolution color images of different angles of your face. During your initial consultation, Dr. Shamouelian will take an image of you with VECTRA 3-D imaging. VECTRA uses sophisticated imaging equipment to map your surface anatomy and produce an accurate picture of your face structure. On a computer screen, Dr. Shamouelian will be able to show you an untouched version and a surgery simulation side-by-side, and the expected results of facial aesthetic procedures.

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Step 1

When visiting Dr. David Shamouelian, your experience begins with a VECTRA 3-D picture session in Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills. This creates the starting point for your aesthetic consultation.

Step 2

Using special simulation software with your 3-D picture, Dr. David Shamouelian will show the possible results of the aesthetic procedures you may choose to have. You will be able to experiment with different looks until you find the one you want.

Step 3

Once you have decided on the appearance you want, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan. Because you have already seen the result, you can be confident in the outcome of the procedure.


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