The hair loss you experience due to the natural aging process can drastically change your appearance, which can make you look and feel years older than your actual age. Allure Aesthetic Surgery offers a non-surgical and safe hair restoration treatment that can address your thinning hair. If you have been experiencing hair loss, High Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma, aka “PRP,” may be an effective alternative treatment to restore your confidence and the thick, flowing locks you once had.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Our blood consists of plasma and three other small components including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets are known to have the important function of clotting, but they also contain growth factor, proteins that are important for healing. PRP is plasma that has a high concentration of platelets and is separated from the red and white blood cells through the process of centrifugation. Our centrifugation process delivers a higher concentration compared to most commercially available systems. The high concentrated PRP is then injected into the scalp to promote hair growth and to improve the quality and thickness of the hair.


Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment is a safe procedure for those who are experiencing hair loss. The PRP is extracted from your own body, eliminating the risk of blood borne infections and immune reactions. High Concentrated PRP Hair Treatment helps reactivate dormant hair follicles and improve the quality of existing hair.

How Long is the Procedure and Downtime?

The procedure is performed in-office and requires approximately 45 minutes to one hour of time to complete. PRP Hair Treatment is performed under local anesthesia with no need for sedation or general anesthesia.

Recovery from PRP Hair Treatment is generally quick and the discomfort is minimal. Scalp tenderness, mild headache, and crusting are the most common side effects during recovery, and the discomfort can be easily addressed with over-the-counter analgesics. Any discomfort associated with this treatment should subside within 2-3 days.