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Mostly made of cartilage and bone, the human nose is primarily responsible for two main functions – breathing and smelling.

Yet it’s also a structure that serves as the center of the face. If it’s not shaped in a way that someone finds aesthetically pleasing, however, it can affect how a person perceives their image. This is just one of several reasons why you may benefit from nose surgery in Beverly Hills.

Upping Your Self-Esteem

Some people born with a prominent nose fully embrace this particular character feature. This is also true for some people with bumpy or crooked noses. However, other people find such features to be a source of personal embarrassment. If this is how you feel, then nose surgery in Beverly Hills may provide a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Fixing Accidental Damage

Unfortunately, gravity and a tendency of the human body to move forward can sometimes result in accidental nose damage. The sooner you have nose surgery in Beverly Hills after an accident affecting your nose, the more likely it is your nose can be successfully restored to its pre-accident appearance. Surgery may also be necessary if your nose is affected by:

  • Damage from a sports-related impact
  • A fracture from a previous accident that hasn’t properly healed
  • Issues from an existing nose abnormality that was worsened by a new injury

Improving Breathing Abilities

Anther reason to consider nose surgery in Beverly Hills is because of issues with your nose that are making it difficult for you to breathe properly. This is sometimes what happens if you have a deviated septum. This is when the bone and cartilage that separates the nasal passages isn’t evenly spaced. Nasal abnormalities like this can also contribute to snoring and serious conditions such as sleep apnea. You may also become a “mouth breather,” which may cause dental issues or bad breath (halitosis).

Reducing Sinus Problems

A deviated septum and other nose-related abnormalities can also worsen issues with your sinuses. This is because your sinus cavities need unrestricted access to air in order to function properly. A procedure called septoplasty can restore the alignment of your septum and improve the ability of your nose to function well enough to minimize sinus blockages. Post-surgery, you may notice fewer sinus infections and even fewer instances of nasal congestion and similar issues.

Adjusting Facial Aesthetics

A nose that’s too small or large for your face can have a noticeable impact on the balance and overall look of your face. If your main reason for nose surgery is facial aesthetics, special software can show you how certain adjustments could give you a better facial balance during your initial consultation. You may also find yourself more confident in professional and social situations – and even more willing to take selfies!

Regardless of why you may be considering or in need of nose surgery in Beverly Hills, take comfort in knowing many procedures performed today involve less invasive techniques. This often results in fewer surgical risks and a shorter recovery period. Prior to surgery, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and develop a better understanding of what to expect before, during, and after nose surgery.

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