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The popularity of cosmetic surgery for both women and men has grown significantly in recent years.

As we age, the skin around our necks and jawlines can begin to sag and crease. For a lot of people, this can be detrimental to their self-esteem. Thankfully, there are ways to turn back the clock and get your face looking years younger. With advancements in technology, a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills can perform a facelift on patients easier and safer than ever before.

Not only can a facelift offer a person more confidence in their looks, but it is also more affordable than ever to set up an appointment with a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills. If you are on the fence about getting a facelift procedure completed, below are some important things to take into consideration.

What Exactly Is A Facelift?

Before undergoing any type of surgical procedure, it is crucial to fully understand what you are getting. Facelifts are surgical procedures intended to reverse the look of aging on the face and neck. It is done by a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills by tightening up the layers of skin around the face. Excess skin is removed in order to restore a look that is more natural and toned around the neck and face.

Types Of Facelift Procedures To Consider

There is not one single type of facelift procedure to get. When you set up an initial consultation with your surgeon, they will help you determine which procedure would work best. The choice you both decide on will ultimately be determined by the problem areas you are looking to fix. Your facelift will be customized specifically to you.

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Is Anesthesia Necessary For A Facelift Procedure?

Many people choose to forego having a cosmetic procedure completed because they are afraid of anesthesia. The good news is that an experienced facelift specialist in Beverly Hills can often achieve the results you are looking for with gentle numbing. This will help you stay safer during the surgery and recover more easily. Ask your surgeon if they offer local anesthesia or general anesthesia during their procedures.

Is Recovering From A Facelift Surgery Painful?

It is very normal to have pain after any type of surgical procedure. The most common sensation is discomfort and tightness around the procedure area. It is important to know before going forward with a facelift just how long and intense the recovery process may be. However, the length and severity of your recovery and pain will be dependent on the exact facelift surgery you have done and your body. It can also depend greatly on the expertise of your facelift specialist in Beverly Hills.

The average time for the initial recovery of a facelift procedure is one to two weeks. This is how long most of the swelling and bruising will take to heal. Around this time, most patients are cleared to return to work and their normal activities. Your surgeon will request follow-up appointments over the next few weeks and months to continue monitoring your healing process and discuss your next treatment options.

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