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When a person begins to age, their facial tissues will invariably start to thin out, which lessens the firmness of the tissues.

If you’re looking to improve the contours of your face for a more discernible shape, among the best options available to you is to obtain cheek implants, which are placed just below the eye. Along with providing your face with a more youthful countenance, these implants can also help to restore your previous look if you have recently undergone some form of facial trauma.

When you’re looking to enhance the shape of your face with cheek implants, make sure that you choose the best chin and cheek implant specialist in Beverly Hills.

What Are Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants are facial implants that can help make the cheekbones more pronounced while also adding volume to the areas of the cheeks that have become flat. These implants are made from a silicon material, which is considered to be very safe to use. If you want to add more definition to your face without making drastic changes, cheek implants will allow you to do so. While the procedure associated with cheek implants is simplistic in nature, you’ll still want to obtain this treatment from a chin and cheek implant specialist in Beverly Hills with a strong reputation.

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Who Is a Candidate for Cheek Implants?

This is a highly individualized procedure that can provide you with lasting results. Before you schedule this procedure, you need to be confident that this treatment is right for you. This procedure will automatically alter your appearance, which is why you need to have a lengthy discussion with a chin and cheek implant specialist in Beverly Hills pertaining to your expectations and what you want out of the surgery. You can be considered a good candidate for cheek implants if you’re physically healthy at the time of the procedure, if your expectations are realistic, if you don’t smoke, and if you find that you don’t like the current appearance of your cheeks.

Are There Any Risks?

The chin and cheek implant specialist in Beverly Hills that you schedule this appointment with should be able to explain all of the risks that come with the cheek implant surgery. The incision site may heal poorly if it’s not treated with care. Infections are also possible. While the scarring that you experience should be minimal and will likely fade in a short period of time, there are instances when the scarring is poor. Some of the other risks that might apply to you include pain that persists, the displacement of the implant, asymmetry, the development of fatty cysts, and skin discoloration.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

After you’re provided with a general or local anesthesia, the first incisions will be made. These incisions can be placed inside of the mouth or under the eyelid, the location of which depends on the surgeon preference. Once the implants have been placed in the correct position, the incisions will be closed. Unlike some other forms of plastic surgery, the results of this treatment should be immediately noticeable.

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